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UIC Ovarian Cancer Researcher Selected for Yale Academy

Fourth year UIC doctoral candidate Amanda Maldonado is among 16 leaders welcomed to the Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development, a program to assist promising Hispanic and Latinx scientists transition into research careers.


Novel COVID-19 drug blocks viral replication

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago have identified a potent new antiviral compound that can effectively block viral replication in human cells. The discovery, spearheaded by the UICentre for Drug Discovery, could…

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Office of Technology Management (OTM) Impact Report FY 2020

The Chicago Office of Technology Management works with faculty, staff, and students to advance research, education, and economic development. Technology transfer is the process of moving scientific discoveries from the inventor’s mind to…

Dr. Kitajewski

Dr. Kitajewski Appointed Head of UI Cancer Center

Dr. Kitajewski's work has uncovered mechanisms of embryonic, ovarian, retinal and tumor angiogenesis and contributed to our understanding of fertility, preeclampsia, vascular malformations, retinopathies, tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.

Dr. Waller

Retired UIC Pharmacy Professor's Drug Approved by FDA

When retired UIC College of Pharmacy professor Donald Waller, along with his best friend, Lourens Zaneveld, began working on their next-generation contraceptive for women, they sought to fill a simple, but widespread, need in the market.

Herbert and Carol Retzky

Proposed UIC Drug Research Building Gets $2 million Investment

A new donation from a longtime supporter of the University of Illinois at Chicago marks a milestone for the proposed Drug Discovery and Innovation Pavilion, a $100 million, five-story, 112,000-square-foot contemporary research building.…

University of Illinois System

Board Backs Discovery Partners Institute

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees today gave its unanimous support to the Discovery Partners Institute, the new research and education enterprise led by the University of Illinois System. DPI will boost the state’s economy.

University of Illinois System

U of I System Sets Innovation Network Priorities at UIC

New research facilities to build on breakthroughs in therapeutic drugs and computer technology at the University of Illinois at Chicago are among top priorities in start-up plans for a new statewide innovation network…


Safer Shingles Vaccine Approved by FDA

Shingrix is safer to administer to patients with weaker immune systems because it uses a recombinant protein antigen instead of an attenuated live virus.